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On-line Antique & Eccentricity Auctions

On-lineantiqueauctions.com was founded in 2021 with the aim of disrupting the existing world of Antique Auction Houses.

Through the implementation of our innovative internet-based auction hosting platform On-line Antiques & Eccentricity Auctions and our highly experienced antique team seeks to provide all clients with a smooth buying and selling process, which is transparent, honest and reliable.

A further key benefit of On-line Antiques & Eccentricity Auctions is that sellers listing items on our platform will not be charged fees for listing items, setting reserve prices or when lots go unsold, providing a reduced risk to sellers on our platform.

On-line Antiques & Eccentricity Auctions are globally accessible due to being web-based, subsequently allowing for a large international seller and buyer market to be accessed, whilst also allowing for a seller to list items and buyers to bid from anywhere in the world at any time.

On-line Antiques & Eccentricity Auctions hosts a wide array of auctions consisting of unique and rare items ranging from jewellery, silver, watches, art, porcelain, vintage toys, scientific instruments, shop fittings, and many other items.

If you are interested in selling collections or a single item through our platform then please contact our enquiries team and we shall be pleased to assist.

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