Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit items for On-line Antique & Eccentricity Auctions?

Simply complete the online submission form, upload one photograph,then our team will check and list your item. No need to take items to the old-bricks and mortar style Auction house, this will save time and reduce environmental pollution.

Do you offer a visitation service?

Yes, please arrange a visit via email. One of our professional, discreet staff will come to your property and list your items at your convenience. This is often the case following probate or the disposal of large antique collections.

What's the length of time from submitting items to entering the Auction?

Items will be placed in our next sale (usually within 30 days).

Are all auctions’ sales on-line?

Yes, all on-line Antique & Eccentricity Auctions happen online.

What if my Item does not sell?

On-line Antique & Eccentricity Auctions will relist items with no charge.

What are your hammer premiums for buyers?

On-line Antique & Eccentricity Auctions charge 20% with no additional charges.

What are your hammer premiums for sellers?

On-line Antique & Eccentricity Auctions charge 20% with no additional charges.

Are sellers charged a listing fee?


What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is the minimum price that a seller is willing to accept for an item (this remains hidden from bidders).

Do I put a reserve price on items that I am selling?

Yes, this will ensure that you receive the best possible price for your item.

Am I obliged to sell at a lower price than the reserve price?

No, the seller is only obligated to sell an item, if the winning bid meets, or exceeds the reserve price.

Can I lower my reserve price?

As the seller, you can lower the reserve price later, but you can’t raise it, (this will be done at no extra charge).

How long before I receive payment?

Payment will be made within 21 days.

Will I be charged for my item to be picked up?

We offer a FREE pick-up and collection service with pre-booked times.

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